Alborz Turbine Engineering and Support Company, Karaj, Iran

Knowledge Management Specialist (Nov '12 - Jan '17)

Knowledge Management

  • Implemented KM practices such as Revised Knowledge Cafes, After Action Review meetings, etc.

  • Developed a KM procedure

  • Recommended and Scheduled relevant courses (including systems thinking course)

Systems and Methods

  • Main contributor in developing risk management methodologies and practices

  • Main contributor in developing company's job descriptions, qualifications, and skills

  • Developed the job qualifications and skills database

  • Audited other departments in ISO 9001 internal audits

Human Resources

  • Main contributor in the implementation and audit of Phillips HR Maturity Model

  • Maintained HR databases (until the company purchased an ERP solution)


  • Member of ERP solutions evaluation and selection committee

Collaborator and liaison with MAPNA Turbine Company (Alborz Turbine's Sister Company)

    • Acted as the secretary of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, planning and managed meetings

    • Led the initiative to introduce data mining to departments

    • Collaborated in forming and holding knowledge management practices

    • Participated in EFQM audits


  • Analyzed the social network of the company

  • Taught internal courses on knowledge management and Microsoft Office tools

  • Set up and maintained company's website, prepared content, and provided site analytics

Pooya Gostar Company, Tehran, Iran

Software Development Manager / Project Manager (Sep '09 - Sep '14)

Software Development Manager

  • Managed the development, distribution, and support of a Time Measurement and Productivity Improvement Software, known as Value Suite (Support Discontinued). It was the first and only software in the field in Iran.

Project Manager

  • Time measurement, work study, and layout planning project in Pharma Chemie Company

  • Time measurement and scheduling project in Soha Pharma Company


  • Prepared time and motion study proposals and attended meetings with clients

  • Developed time study methodologies

  • Developed documentation standards

  • Maintained the company's databases

Senior Industrial Engineer (Jul '08 - Sep '09)

  • Prepared time and motion study proposals and attended meetings with clients

  • Managed/ Supervised time and motion study projects

  • Taught relevant courses in client companies

Team Supervisor (Nov '06 - Dec '06)

  • Managed the team of solids shop (tablets and capsules) in the "Time and Capacity Measurement" project in Zahravi Pharmaceutical Company

  • Developed a software package for recording and reporting time measurement data

MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company, Karaj, Iran

Process Auditor / Data Analyst (Jun '06 - Jun '07) - Part-time

  • Carried out statistical analysis on manufacturing processes

  • As a member of the quality assurance department, I was tasked to develop control plans and manufacturing process audits

  • Developed a VBA-based solution in Microsoft Visio to draw Operation Process Charts from text files


Tech. Development Research Center of ACECR, IE Office, Tehran, Iran

Time Measurement Supervisor (Mar '08 - Jun '08) - Part-time

  • As part of the "Allocation of Inventory and Routing of Order Shipment" project in ISACO Company, I was tasked to select a proper time measurement methodology, manage the data collection, and develop reports to be used in the next phases of the project.

Nama Engineering Consultant Company, Tehran, Iran

Project Manager (Apr '07 - Aug '07) - Part-time

  • As a project manager in the "Design and Implementation of Production Management System" in Mahbat Carpet Company, I oversaw the design and implementation of a production management software package for a carpet manufacturing company.

Shahb Cooker Company, Pakdasht, Iran

Project Manager (Jun '6 - Aug '06) - Part-time

  • Managed a small team in a time measurement and work study project.

Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Company

Time Measurement Lead (Sep '04 - Oct '04) - Part-time

  • Measured, Analyzed, and revised processes in the solids line (tablets)

  • Developed a VBA-based software package to record and report time measurement data

Elite Company, Tehran, Iran

Time Measurement and Line Balancing Specialist (Mar '04 - Aug '04) - Part-time

  • Measured, analyzed, and revised assembly line procedures in Trim Shop (Line 4) of Iran Khodro (the biggest automaker of the middle east) in the Time Measurement and Line Balancing Project